Our Heritage From Ancient Greece


Name: _________________________________ “Our Heritage From Ancient Greece”

Movie Worksheet

Part I

1. Who was Homer and what did he write? 2. What were the Olympic Games?

Mod: ________________

3. What were the two phrases inscribed on the shrine of Apollo that summarize typical Greek beliefs? 1. 2. 4. Describe the system of government founded in Athens in 594 B.C.

Part II

5. How does the Greek saying “Nothing in excess” apply to Greek sculpture and architecture? 6. How did drams begin in Athens? 7. Who was Socrates? 8. What was unusual about the way Socrates taught? 9. What did Plato have to do with Socrates? 10. The following ides concerned the Greeks: 1. 3. What were each citizen’s _________________ to his fellow man? 2. Each Greek tried to understand his own _____________. Greeks said, “The unexamined _______ is not worth ________.” 4. Greeks pursued _________________. 5. The ture Greek hero was the whole man- the man of ___________, ___________, _____________ and _____________. 6. The heart of Greek thought was a belief in value of ___________. 7. Greeks believed it is always important to search for ___________. 11. Why and how did Socrates die? 12. What caused the fall of Athens?