Year 5- Ancient Greece

Year 5 Ancient Greece Outline
 Research the 8 Fundamental Needs: Shelter, Clothing, Food,
Transportation, Defence, Arts & Culture, Religion and Vanity (in your rough
 Make a booklet using the information gathered and include hand drawn
pictures for each need.
Reflective Writing
 Choose either a man, woman, child or slave to learn more about. Once you
have gathered information about him/her, write a journal about a day in
their life.
 Choose a famous person to study from Ancient Greece and research facts
about the person.
 Write an obituary about their life
 Edit
 Final Draft
 As a group, you will create THE GREEK TIMES newspaper
Creative Writing
 Read the story of the Minotaur or other Greek Myths from the Language
 Brainstorm using a web to create your own Greek Myth and write a script
for a Greek Play
 Edit
 Final draft
 In small groups, choose one play that you will act out.
 Label and colour a map provided including:
o Greece
o Italy
o France
o Spain
o Turkey
o Black Sea
o Mediterranean Sea
Greek Writing
 Complete the handout on Greek Writing and alphabet.
 Choose an artistic way to present something you learned when researching
this time period
o Examples include:
 Acropolis
 Pottery
 Olympic Games