Topic= Ancient Greece - Weston Hills C of E Primary School

Literacy- reading and writing
100 maths lessons to ensure coverage – linked to Ancient
Greece where possible. (Pythagoras)
Week 1- Place value and rounding
New beginnings
Daily Reading/guided reading
Week 4 – Written X and /
Getting on and falling out
Narrative - Myths and legends
Week 2 - + and – large numbers
Week 3 – multiples, factors, primes
Adventure stories (Gods)
Non-chronological report – Mythical creatures
Explanations – trojan horse link, own device
Week 5 – Circle and angles
Physical Development- Mostly linked
with other areas of learning
PE Val Sabin
Real PE – trial with assessment
Week 6 – Units of measure
Topic= Ancient Greece
Week 7 – Multiplication and division
Week 8 – Comparing and ordering fractions
Week 9 – X and / decimals
Key Question- What story would your Greek urn tell?
Week 10 – Order of operations
Week 11 – 2D and 3D shapes
End Product- Living museum - filmed
Visit ideas
Immersive classroom- Pictures on walls, new desk layout
Week 12 – Pie charts
Understanding the World- Science/History/Geography/RE/ICT
Science – Separating materials – linked to collecting water in ancient Greek
Communication and Language- Mostly linked with other areas of learning due
to speaking and listening.
Linked in all areas of the curriculum
Light – Linking Archimedes
Computing – Greek Mythology – labyrinth
Fantasy worlds
History – Live and times of Ancient Greece – throughout curriculum
Geography – Greece – where, landscape, climate etc.
RE – See separate planning (AN)
Expressive Arts- Art and Design, Music, Dance
Music – See separate planning (AN)
Art – Greek artists and design own mythical creature (Literacy link)
DT – Clay urn and paint story – design, make and evaluate
Cooking – Greek salad/making own bread with vegetable soup