Persian Wars

• Look at the following events and put them by
the correct date on the timeline sheet.
• You only have two minutes!
a) First Olympic games.
b) Xerxes of Persia
attacks the Greeks.
c) Alexander the Great
d) The Romans conquer
e) The siege of Troy- Troy
loses to the famous
wooden horse trick.
f) Greek alphabet is
invented and Homer
composes his poetry.
g) Democracy begins in
Greece was not alone in the ancient world. Other civilizations were
developing around the Mediterranean. One of the largest and most powerful
was the Persian Empire.
The Greek world was tiny. It covered a small area at the southern tip of the
Greek peninsula. The Persian Empire was huge. It stretched from the
Mediterranean Sea all the way to the Indus River Valley.
LydiaConquered 546 BC
The Rise of Persia
Babylonian empireConquered 539 BC
525 BC
Median empire- conquered
556 BC
In 500 BC, the Greeks living in the Ionian cities (which had been conquered by the
Persians) revolted. They were sent help by the Athenians, but were overpowered by
the Persians.