Analyzing An Experiment

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Introduction to Psychology
Mr. LaBrache
Research Methods
Analyzing an Experiment:
Our two essential questions:
What are the main elements of the scientific method and experimental design?
What are the ethical concerns in scientific research?
Step 1: Based off of what we learned about psychological experimentation last class we will now
examine and analyze a famous psychological experiment. We will watch the video recreation of the
“Asch Conformity Experiment” video clip.
Step 2: After the video viewing, use the video clip, your notes and the information provided about the
experiment to break down and analyze the experiment (Asch’s conformity study - 1951).
1. What was the goal of the experiment? Describe/summarize it (include the procedures/steps)
2. What was the hypothesis of the experimenter?
3. What was the experimental group? The control group?
4. What were the variables (independent and dependent)?
5. Analyze the sample: What was the population of the sample? Was it representative?
6. Are there any ethical problems in the experiment? Would it be permissible today?
7. What conclusions did the researchers draw from the experiment?
8. What did you learn from the experiment?