Test 3 Review


Test 3 - Review

Chapter 11

Steps in the control process

Tools for measuring performance ***




3 Types of Control

Force Field Analysis


Chapter 12

HR History

Major EEO Laws

Job Analysis: Job Description & Specifications

Recruitment & Selection ***

Supply vs. Demand

Validity & Reliability

Realistic Job Preview

Selection Tools: Which are best and legality

Types of Job Training

Appraisal Methods – Graphic Ratings Scales, BARS & 360 Degree appraisals

Compensation – Legally required benefits, CEO Pay

Collective Bargaining

Chapter 13

Define Motivation

Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation

Expectancy Theory **

Need Theories of Motivation ***

Maslow’s Hierarchy

Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory *

McClelland’s Need Theory

Equity Theory: Distributive & Procedural Justice

Goal Setting: SMART

Learning Theory: 4 Tools of Operant Conditioning **

Social Learning

Pay as a Motivator *

Employee Stock Options

Chapter 14

Types of Power **

Trait Theory of Leadership

Behavioral Theory of Leadership

Initiating Structure and Consideration Behavior

Situational Leadership ***

Fiedler’s Contingency Theory

Path-Goal Theory

Charismatic vs. Transformational Leadership

Emotional Intelligence

Women and Leadership (Role Perceptions)

Chapter 14

Definition of Groups and Teams

Synergy, Social Facilitation and Social Loafing (Ringlemann Effect)

Stages of Group Development *

Types of Teams

Group Size: Advantages & Disadvantages

3 Types of Interdependence

Norms and Conformity – Asch’s Study of Conformity

Cohesiveness: Sorces

Chapters 17 & 18

Conflict: Functional & Dysfunctional

Sources of Conflict

Conflict-Management Strategies *

Strategies for Gaining Power

Decision Support Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Boundaryless and Virtual Organizations