Revising the Cognitive approach

Taking the Cognitive approach
 Multi store model (back ground)
 Levels of processing framework
 Reconstructive memory theory
What is it? Who formulated it? What evidence can we use to support it?
Is the problem with encoding, or storage or retrieval?
suggests there is an
Do cues aid recall? Tulving and Pearlstone say ‘yes’
suggests there is an
AO1 – an ability to know and describe psychological phenomena (APRC)
AO2 – An ability to evaluate or weigh up the value of psychological research or
Is the study generalizable? Meaning is the study ecologically valid? Is the
sample representative? Does the task have mundane realism?
Is the study reliable –can it be replicated and similar results found?
Can the study be applied? Is the study useful? Does it support or refute an
existing theory? Does it add to our understanding of a psychology?
Is the study valid? Does it really measure/investigate what it intended to?
Is the study ethical? Does it adhere to the ethical guidelines laid down by the
BPS? Does it demonstrate competence on the part of the research and does it
show respect for the participant…..