Fold a piece of paper into 4 quadrants!
Label each as the following:
So That’s Why…Explanations
“Too Human” Greek Gods and their
Greek Gods; They’re Just Like Us
“Make Me an Action Figure”…Heroes
Mythology Review
I need a
So that’s
I woke up
Like this
Cry babies
-emotions Line- creation
Final Jeopardy
I Need a Hero!- $100
 Who
hero is a-maze-ing!
is Theseus?
I Need a Hero!- $200
I sure am stylish with my
new winged sandals, magic
wallet, and my awesome
 Who
is Perseus?
I Need a Hero!- $300
wish I could count past
12… Thebes was a real
 Who
is Hercules and the twelve
I Need a Hero!- $400
a real momma’s boy,
and I sure don’t like to be
 Who
is Perseus?
I Need a Hero! - $500
friend Prometheus
owes be big time, he’d still
be stuck to that rock if it
weren’t for me!
 Who
is Hercules?
So that’s why!- $100
ladies call me the
earth shaker!
 Who
is Poseidon (God of the
Seas) ?
So that’s why! - $200
people in Pompeii
must blame me for that
 Who
is Hephaestus (God of the
So that’s why! - $300
name translates to “the
gift of all”, but what I
brought the world was no
 Who
is Pandora (she releases all
evil, sorrow, and mischief)?
So that’s why! - $400
me, you’d never
have ice or snow!
 Who
is Demeter? ( Goddess of
the harvest)
So that’s why! - $500
I hadn’t stuck up for
humans, it’d be a
permanent ice age!
 Who
is Prometheus? (Gives fire to
man by stealing it from Zeus)
I Woke up like this…Flawed
- $100
poor music teacher, I
can’t help I don’t know my
own strength!
 Who
is Hercules?
I Woke up like this…Flawed $200
The Greek’s never named
me their cities patron...
They claim I’m a hot head.
 Who
is Ares? (God of war)
I Woke up like this…Flawed $300
can’t resist a beautiful
woman, even though I’m
 Who
is Zeus? ( Zeus is often
caught by his wife Hera having
affairs, including that with Io.)
I Woke up like this…Flawed $400
I’m quick on my
feet, my fingers are known
to be sticky.
 Who
is Hermes? (The messenger
god, known as the master thief)
I Woke up like this…Flawed $500
always been told
“curiosity kills the cat”!
 Who
is Pandora? (Her curiosity
leads her to opening the box full
of evils and woe)
Cry Babies…Emotions - $100
Jonas would tell me “I
get jealous”!
 Who
is Hera? (The Goddess of
women and marriage)
Cry Babies… Emotions- $200
a pretty happy Greek
because life’s a
party…Unless you’re the
King of Thebes.
 Who
is Dionysus? ( God of the vine
and wine. Normally happy, he is
known to have an angry side)
Cry Babies… Emotions - $300
may have been a little
hard on Prometheus, but
sometimes my ego gets
the best of me!
 Who
is Zeus? (King of the Gods)known to be very pompous and
Cry Babies… Emotions - $400
can be very loving,
unless you mess with my
 Who
is Aphrodite? ( Goddess of
love, mother of cupid/Eros. He
punishes Psyche for disobeying
Cry Babies… Emotions - $500
guilty conscience got me
into a dozen sticky
 Who
is Hercules? ( He attempts
the 12 labors out of the guilt of
killing his wife and children)
Starting Line…Creation - $100
we had 18
children, talk about the
Brady Bunch!
 Who
are Gaea (the earth) and
Uranus (the heavens)
Starting Line…Creation- $200
a medical mystery
because my stomach must
be made of lead!
 Who
is Cronus (he swallows his
children to try and avoid the
prophecy of being overthrown)
Starting Line…Creation- $300
 Who
is my theme song!
is Zeus? (He is the only
Starting Line…Creation - $400
would’ve rather have
been banished to
Tarturus.. This is
 Who
is Atlas? (Zeus condemns the titans to
Tarturus, except for Atlas. He is to hold the
world on his shoulders for eternity.
Starting Line…Creation - $500
We can’t play golf, but we
sure can forge!
 Who
are the Cyclopes? (They are
the one who forge Zeus’s
lightning bolts)
Final Jeopardy
kind of like eggs,
who are we (name us all)!
12 Olympians
1. Zeus
4. Ares
7. Aphrodite
10. Athena
2. Hera
5. Hephaestus
8. Apollo
11. Hestia
3. Poseidon
6. Hermes
9. Artemis
12. Hades