Mythological Hero's Journey Summary Example

Mythological Hero’s Journey Summary Example 1. Mythological Hero’s Journey Summary
rovide an objective summary of a hero myth from Greek mythology by including the 5 most important parts of the hero’s journey.
Be sure to identify ​
at least two parts ​
in a story that propel the action (PA), reveal aspects of a character(RC), or provoke a decision (PD).
★ propel the action ​
=moves the plot or action along in time
★ reveal aspects of a character​
=shows or demonstrates the character’s personality
★ provoke a decision ​
=helps or makes the main character decide something
The Hero’s Journey
Parts of Plot
Stages 1-5. Beginning:
Ordinary World​
→ Call to
Adventure→Crossing the
1. Exposition​
Inciting Incident
2. Rising Action
Stages 6-8. Middle:​
Crossing the Threshold →The
Your Version w/PA, RC or PD
1. Hercules was the son of Zeus and a mortal woman, Alcmene.
Although he grew up strong and handsome, he was cursed by Hera
who hated him for being the product of one of Zeus’s affairs. In his
youth he was a great warrior who married a princess named
Megara. Together they had two children and were very happy.
This infuriated Hera so she sent him a fit of madness that caused
him to slaughter his wife and children.
Hercules feels so much guilt and remorse when he regains his
sanity, he asks the god Apollo to help him cleanse his soul of this
sin. Apollo speaks to Hercules via the Oracle of Delphi and sends
him to complete a series of tasks (twelve to be exact) to redeem
himself from his wrong-doing.
Here are his tasks known as the twelve labors:
(1) Slay the​
Nemean Lion​
(2) Slay the nine-headed​
Lernaean Hydra​
. When Hercules cut off a
head, two more replace it. Hercules demonstrates ​
quick thinking
here by cauterizing the neck so more heads won’t grow back.. ​
(3) Capture the​
Golden Hind of Artemis​
(4) Capture the​
Erymanthian Boar​
(5) Clean the​
stables in a single day.
(6) Slay the​
Stymphalian Birds​
(7) Capture the​
Cretan Bull​
(8) Steal the​
Mares of Diomedes​
(9) Obtain the girdle of​
, Queen of the​
3. Climax
Stages 9-12 End: ​
Reward→ The Road Back→
the Return with Elixir
4. Falling Action
5. Resolution
(10) Obtain the cattle of the monster​
Here he thinks he’s
done but Eurysteus who gives him his assignments won’t count
two of the tasks because he’s secretly working for Hera. ​
(11) Steal the apples of the​
traveling a great distance to the
ends of the earth.
(12) Capture and bring back​
. 3. (CLIMAX)
4. After Hercules completes these 12 labors he sets himself on fire and
burns his mortal flesh.
5. Zeus tells Hera that Hercules has suffered enough so she agrees to end
his suffering and brings him to Mt. Olympus in a chariot thus fulfilling his
destiny to become immortal.