Zeus notes

The Rule of Zeus
pg. 29-32
- With the emergence of Zeus as leader, the progression from
confusion to order was complete.
- He established his council composed of 12 major Olympian
o Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, Apollo, Artemis,
Hermes, Ares, Athena, Aphrodite, Hephaestus,
- Zeus enforced justice by listening to both sides of an
- He guaranteed that those who took oaths would keep their
word or be punished.
- The three brothers determined their dominions by drawing
o Zeus- the sky
o Poseidon- the sea
o Hades- the underworld (including Tartarus)
- Hera became the queen of Mt. Olympus
- Zeus called an assembly and announced that anyone who
fought on his side would retain their powerful roles.
- Styx- the river formed the boundary around the underworld
o Any god making an oath would have to pour the sacred
water out of a pitcher while swearing the oath.
o The punishment for breaking the oath was severe.
 Lie upon a bed in a deep coma for one year
 Will not eat ambrosia or drink nectar
 Will not speak or breathe
 Unable to communicate with anyone for 9 years
 In the tenth year the punishment will cease and
the god will rejoin the immortals.
 No one ever broke his word.
- Hades- placed Charon in a rowboat on the River Styx.
o Hades ordered him to spend eternity ferrying shades
 Shades- spirits of dead mortals
 Charon charged each passenger the fare of one
obol (Greek coin) for the ride.
 A person was buried with the fee in his mouth.
 A shade whose body was not properly buried
could not cross the river.
- In order for a shade to pass through the gates into Hades’
kingdom, one must be inspected by the giant watch dog
o Three dogs’ heads, a serpents’ tail, and a row of snakes’
heads running down his back.
o He ate all shades that tried to escape.
- Under the leadership of:
o Zeus- he helped men lead better lives
o Poseidon- taught mankind how to build ships and tame
horses for transportation.
o Hades- taught men to treat the dead with respect.
Established funerals
o Hera- protected marriages
o Hestia- taught men how to build houses
o Demeter- how to gather corn and prepare it for
- In the years that follow, no one could overthrow Zeus.