Funny Personal Ad for GREEK God

Funny Personal Ad for GREEK God
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First, the basics:
__________________________ = ____________________________ (Grandparents)
____________________________AKA ______________________________(Parents)
“enormous in size” and “incredible in strength”
Ruled over by ________________________
____________________________ (Children)
Lived in ___________________________
“Divine family” made of __________ in total
May have contradictory/unstable ___________________________
Step 1: Read the excerpt from chapter one on your assigned god and annotate for the following tidbits of information.
 include the god’s domain(s) or titles
For Zeus: supreme ruler, Lord of the Sky, Rain-God, Cloud-gatherer
 demonstrate the gods “personality”
For Zeus: haughty, gullible, disloyal
 include at least two different IMPORTANT details about the god including relationships to other gods
For Zeus: Wielded the thunderbolt, married to Hera but cheats
 include the good AND the bad
For Zeus: cheats AND demands just or right action
Step 2: Write your personal add making sure to include the information above.
Supreme Ruler Seeks Beautiful Woman (reposted on 5/7, 5/11, 5/20, 6/20, 7/15, 7/20 . . . )
I’m just your average (cough, cough) supreme ruler looking to seduce another unsuspecting woman. Must be
gullible (kinda like me!) and beautiful. Not that I’m superficial or anything . . . I value and demand right action from
everyone. . . except myself that is.
I like movies. Particularly the ones about me. I enjoy long walks on the earth for the sole purpose of admiring
my baes. And I have a lot. I mean, I’m pretty irresistible what with my awesome looking thunderbolt and my affinity
for eagles and oak trees. I am definitely hotter than either of my two brothers.
Worried that my wife Hera might get in the way? Don’t be! She usually doesn’t find out until after and then
she never takes her anger out on me . . . After all, I’m the Lord of the Sky, the Rain-god, the Cloud-gatherer. What
does she expect?
Step 3: Underline key information.
Step 4: Practice reading aloud.
Step 5: Present!