Answer the following questions while watching the History Channel’s video on Greek Gods. If you
miss a question, do not ask a neighbor. Keep watching and try to get the next one.
1. According to the Greeks, who were the first rulers of the Earth?
2. What did Cronus do in fear of losing power to his children?
3. How was his 6th child, Zeus, saved?
4. What is Zeus’s weapon in war?
5. Who is Zeus’s wife?
6. Where is one of the sanctuaries dedicated to Zeus located?
7. When did The Olympics begin?
8. What were the cults superstitious about?
9. What are Demeter and Persephone believed to be symbols of?
10. When Persephone is in the underworld, what season is it?
11. What does “hands free of pollution” mean?
12. What is Dionysus’s dark side?
13. Apollo is the god of what?
14. Apollo was the epitome of
15. He provided
16. What are the evil traits of Apollo?
17. What was Apollo’s weakness?
to the world.
18. What is it believed Apollo built his first shrine out of?
19. Figures whose fathers were Gods and mothers were mortals were labeled
20. What was believed to happen at Sanctuary of Asklepios at Ancient Epidaurus?
21. Who was the Greek Goddesses of Mount Olympus’s matron?
22. What animal did she transform one of her husband’s lover?
24. What kind of powers did Aphrodite have?
25. What was her favorite past time?
26. How was Athena born?
28. What city is named after Athena?
29. What does Hercules symbolize?
30. At age 8, what animal did Hercules strangle?
31. In a fit of rage, who did Hercules murder?