Name__________________________ Body System Jeopardy

Body System Jeopardy
Cells/ Defense
$100 These are the basic building blocks of life.
$200 Organs are made from these working together.
$300 Body systems are made up of these.
$400 These are examples of three human body defenses.
$500 These are the differences between simple celled organisms and complex organisms.
Skeletal System
$100 This is the upper bone in your arm.
$200 This is the large bone in your upper leg.
$300 This is the bone that connects the top of your ribcage.
$400 This is the name for your finger and toe bones.
$500 These are the four functions of the skeletal system.
Muscular System
$100 This is a muscle that aids in breathing.
$200 This is the type of muscle the heart is made of.
$300 This is the type of muscle the esophagus is made of. It pushed down food without
$400 These are muscles that help you to move.
$500 This is how the nervous system helps the muscles.
Respiratory System
$100 These are microscopic hairs that keep dust out of the respiratory system.
$200 This is where carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen.
$300 This will happen to your respiration rate as you exercise.
$400 This is a waste gas resulting from respiration.
$500 Describe the pathway of air going into the body.
Digestive System
$100 This is the primary function of the digestive system.
$200This is the function of the large intestine.
$300 These are microscopic bumps in your small intestine that allow nutrients to pass
into your blood.
$400 This is where digestion begins.
$500 This is how the digestive system aids in muscle movement.
Circulatory/ Nervous System
$100 These are the parts that connect nerve cells in the human body.
$200 This part connects the brain to the other nerves in the body.
$300 This is the type of blood found in the heart.
$400 The blood supplies the cells with these three things.
$500 This is how the circulatory system helps muscle movement.