WHAT TO STUDY - Skeletal and Muscular Systems Locomotion

WHAT TO STUDY - Skeletal and Muscular Systems
 Locomotion: ability to move
 System that regulates locomotion: Nervous System
 Functions of Skeletal System
1. Movement
2. Protects organs and tissues
3. Gives body shape and support
4. Produces blood cells
5. Stores minerals (calcium and phosphorus)
Bone Marrow: 2 types
1. Red marrow: produces blood cells
2. Yellow marrow: consists of fat cells
Ligaments: connect bone to bone
Tendons: connect muscle to bone
o No blood vessels
o Found:
 end of longs bones
 in joints
 between vertebrae
 in trachea
 body parts such as tip of nose and ears
o makes up majority of baby’s skeleton
(Don’t forget the cranium)
Muscular System: Muscles move by contracting and relaxing
3 types of muscle
1. Skeletal muscle
a. Striated
b. Voluntary
c. Attached to bones
2. Cardiac muscle
a. Striated
b. Branched fibers
c. Involuntary
d. Found in the heart
3. Smooth muscle
a. Not striated
b. Involuntary
c. Lines blood vessels and organ systems