Study Guide Know example of simple animal For hundreds of years

Study Guide
1. Know example of simple animal
2. For hundreds of years, people thought all living things
belonged to one of two groups. Name the two groups.
3. Know the eight levels of classification from general to
4. Know about Carolus Linnaeau and what he is known for
5. What is shown in a branching diagram?
6. Euglena are members of the kingdom.
7. Scientific name of an organism comes from what?
8. What kingdom does slime mold belong to?
9. Members of the kingdom Animalia depend on bacteria and
fungi because bacteria and fungi_____________
10. Science of describing, classifying, and naming organisms
is known as _________
11. Division of organisms into groups or classes, based on
characteristic is ____________.
12. Know how to identify the specific name when given the
scientific name.
13. What do scientist do when they discover organism that
do not fit into any of the four kingdoms?
14. Organism in what kingdom usually move by themselves
and have specialized sense organs that allow them to respond
to their environment?
Diagram – identify scientific names/ species are all in the
same genus/what is similar about their scientific names,
which organisms are more closely related
1. Explain why Carolus Linnaeau simplified the naming of
living things by giving each species a two-part scientific
2. What triats do scientist use to divide prokaryotes into
3. Why do scientists classify a sponge as a simple animal
and not a plant?
Concept Map
There are three a) ______________ including Archae,
Bacteria, and b)______________.
Eukarya branches into c)__________ including fungi,
animalia, plantae, d)______________
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