APAH Reading Name: Zinn Chapter 12 The Empire and the People

APAH Reading
Zinn Chapter 12
Name: __________________________________
The Empire and the People
Directions: Read Zinn Chapter 12 and answer the following questions.
1. What idea did the depression of 1893 strengthen?
2. Zinn writes “…that overseas markets for American goods might relieve the problem of under-consumption at
home and prevent the economic crises that the 1890s brought class war.” According to this, what was America
planning to engage in?
3. How many foreign interventions by the US were there between 1798 and 1895?
4. In general, the ideology of expansionism was widespread among whom?
5. Political scientist John Burgess of Columbia thought what of US Expansion?
6. What 3 influential men were most prominently known for their support of overseas expansion?
7. Why was Henry Cabot Lodge particularly concerned with opening markets in China?
8. By 1893 American trade value exceeded every country in the world with the exception of?
9. What percent of oil exports were from John D. Rockefeller? What product still remained America’s largest
10. What is the “open door” of “informal empire?”
11. Popular support for the Cubans against Spain was based on what? What does Zinn argue was the reason the US
government threw its support behind the Cubans?
12. What was the Teller Amendment? Why did the original purpose of the Teller Amendment change?
13. What did organized labor (K of L and the AFL) think of the Spanish-American War?
14. Why did other unions like the United Mine Workers, want intervention in Cuba?
15. Who did the American Government allow to stay in political office in Cuba to run affairs after victory?
16. What industries did Americans move into Cuba after the war?
17. What did the Platt Amendment state and why did Cubans finally approve it?
18. What territories did the United States annex as a result of the Spanish-American War?
19. What was McKinley’s position on the annexation of the Philippines?
20. For what reason did President McKinley state America took the Philippines?
21. Summarize Senator Albert Beveride’s reasons for taking the Philippines?
22. What was the Anti-Imperialist League and why was it formed?
23. Read Mark Twain’s comment on the Philippine War. Was Twain a supporter of Imperialism? What did he
declare the United States had become?
24. Why did labor unions begin to support American expansionism after the Spanish-American War?