Chapter 1 Vocab and Reading questions

Advanced Placement United States History
Summer Assignment 2015
In an effort to get ahead this year, we will be starting our exploration of American History over
the summer.
1. Read Chapter 1 of Henretta’s America’s History. The chapter is available in PDF form
here. Complete vocabulary and reading questions. Vocabulary should answer the
following questions: What was this thing and why is it historically significant?
Note: Everything can be typed EXCEPT vocabulary. It will be handwritten all year.
Buy a notebook devoted solely to vocab or make a section in a binder.
2. Read Howard Zinn’s first chapter of his book, A People’s History of the United States.
The chapter is entitled Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress. The chapter can
be found here: After reading
the chapter, respond to the following discussion questions:
1. After reading, choose two adjectives that describe Columbus, two that describe
the Spanish, two that describe the English, two for the Arawaks, and two for the
2. Write ten short sentences using your selected adjectives- one for each sentence.
3. Look for details/facts in the text that you think illustrate/support the sentences.
Cite the textual evidence.
4. Record the five most important things that Zinn says about Columbus. Record
the two most important things that Zinn says about the writing of history. Briefly
evaluate his assertions.
5. Discuss the different historical interpretations present in your textbook and Zinn’s
writing. Identify three key differences and explain why they are significant in
understanding the events being discussed.
Chapter 1 Vocab and
Reading questions:
16. indulgence
9. civic humanism
17. predestination
10. guild
18. outwork
11. reconquista
19. mercantilism
12. encomiendas
20. Price Revolution
dower, dower right
21. gentry
13. Columbian
14. mestizo
15. caste system
22. yeoman
23. enclosure acts
24. indenture
Reading Questions:
1. What were the major similarities and differences between the civilizations of Mesoamerica and the
Mississippian culture to the north?
2. How did the climate/geography affect the rise and decline of various native peoples? Give examples for
3. How were eastern woodland societies organized and governed?
4. What made Native American peoples vulnerable to conquest by European adventurers?
When are these assignments due?
***Your reading, vocabulary (handwritten) and reading questions (typed) are due on the first day of school.
Please remember that vocabulary will be handwritten all year long,
***Your reading and reflection of Howard Zinn’s first chapter is due to me Friday, August 14th by noon via a
shared Google Doc. We will be discussing this material on the first day of school. Come prepared to discuss.
At any time over the summer, I can be contacted via email: