US History Chapter 5 Test Review Sheet Terms

U.S. History
Chapter 5 Test
Review Sheet
Terms: imperialism, extractive economies, surplus, Social Darwinism, folly, annexation, tariff,
Yellow Press, jingoism, Teller Amendment, insurrection, guerrilla warfare, spheres of influence,
Open Door Policy
Section 1
1. Arguments for and against imperialism (economic, political, cultural/religious reasons)
2. Alfred T. Mahan: book/thesis; influence
3. Matthew Perry/ Opening of Japan: How the gifts to the Emperor symbolized the change that
was brought to Japan
4. “Seward’s Folly” – how and why the U.S. acquired Alaska
5. Midway Island: location and importance to U.S.
6. U.S. annexation of Hawaii: how and why; key people involved
Section 2
1. Spanish-American War: underlying causes
2. Role of Yellow Press
3. Triggers of the Spanish-American War
4. Events in Cuba and the Philippines
5. Treaty of Paris of 1898: terms/result
6. Teller Amendment: Cuba will be independent
Section 3 (no quiz)
1. Philippine insurrection: role of Emilio Aguinaldo, reason for rebellion; cost of the war,
relationship to arguments against imperialism
2. Taft as territorial governor of Philippines
3. China: U.S. goals; role of John Hay (Open Door); Boxer Rebellion
4. Japan: “Gentleman’s Agreement”
5. Great White Fleet: purpose and effect (we discussed this with naval expansion in Section 1,
but you can find it in the book in Section 3)
Section 4 (no quiz)
1. Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
2. Panama Canal: political situation, construction, obstacles, significance
Map Location