Zinn Questions Socialist Challenge 1. According

Zinn Questions Socialist Challenge 1. According to Emma Goldman, why was the Spanish American
War fought?( first page)
2. What happened at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911?
3. How does Zinn bring detailed attention to the inequality of
wealth in the United States? (320)
4. What evidence does Zinn show that IWW workers saw beyond
strikes? (323-324)
5. Describe Joseph’s Ettor’s view of the power of workers in the
United States. (324)
6. How did the striking workers of Lawrence attempt to keep
striking in regards to their children? (328-329)
7. What is the overall theme of the Rules for Female Teachers in
one Massachusetts town? (330)
8. Why did Helen Keller criticize the Socialist Party in 1913?
9. How was Emma Goldman skeptical of women’s suffrage?
10. How were the goals of Progressivism evaluated? (346)