Expressed Powers Keynote Assignment

Expressed Powers Keynote Presentation Assignment
You and a partner will be assigned one of the expressed powers given to Congress
from the United States Constitution. You can use the textbook p. 294-304 as a guide
to understanding your expressed power and where it is located in the Constitution.
You should use your iPad for the Constitution App and to find pictures and real life
examples. You will be presenting your Keynote to the class. Your task is to meet the
following criteria:
 Title page – with names of group members and expressed power.
 Define the expressed power assigned to your group. 5 points.
 Explain where this expressed power is found in the Constitution.
5 points.
 Find at least one example of how the expressed power assigned to
your group is used in real life. 10 points.
 Use at least 5 slides. 5 points.
 Use at least one relevant picture per slide. 5 points.
 Use at least one animation per slide. 5 points.
 Both members of the group were involved and on task. 10 points.
 Both members were present and helped present their assignment
to the class. 10 points.
55 Points Total
List of expressed powers:
1. Power to tax
2. Borrowing power
3. Currency power
4. War powers
5. Foreign relations powers
6. Commerce power
7. Bankruptcy power
8. Naturalization power
9. Postal power
Weights and measures
Copyrights and patents
Power over territories and eminent domain
Judicial powers