Sportfolio Criteria - JCB Physical Education

Physical Education Sportfolios
Sportfolio packets are used for any student out on a medical from Physical
Education for more than two classes and/or for any student that may be on home
tutorial for any reason.
One packet will need to be completed thoroughly for every four classes out of
Physical Education.
Each packet will be graded as follows out of a possible 100 points:
Short Answers: 6 points each. All answers must be in complete sentences. Minus
1 point for incomplete sentences. Partial credit can be given depending on
answers (some have multi-part answers).
Crossword and Word Search: 1 point for each question. Must be filled in and all
words must be found in word search.
Late Work: Each day that the sportfolio packet is late will result in a 10 point
deduction from the score of the packet.