Viernes el 4 de diciembre

Períodos 3 y 6/8
Have your homework out and ready to be
checked right away.
Quiz your partner on vocab while Madame
Kalmanor checks homework.
Check your homework with the answer
Return the answer sheet to Madame
Gently remove pages 55 and 59 from
your packet.
Mrs. Kalmanor will pass the stapler
Staple page 59 on top of p. 55.
Write your name, in Spanish, with your
last name on page 59.
Open your textbook to page
80. This corresponds to
packet p. 59.
Mrs. Kalmanor will play the
audio to Activity 1 just twice.
Complete activities 2-5 of pages 80-81.
Activity 2 should be answered with complete
Then, complete the translations on page 55 of
your packet. (You tore this out and stapled it
Finally, complete the word search on page 56.
Turn in your work and neatly return your
book to the counter before you leave.
Any and all work must be submitted before
the end of the period to receive credit.
Study. The test is Tuesday.
20 @HomeTutor activities will be
due the day of the test. No video
activities will be accepted.
Socks and gloves for SHH, por