IB Physics 1 Summer Work Directions

IB Physics 1 Summer Work
1. Read the pdf titled Kinematics Summer Reading.
 Attempt problems 2 and 3 on page 87 (at the very end) of the Kinematics Summer
Reading. Complete the problems on a piece of notebook paper and be sure to show
your work.
2. Print out and read through the document titled 1D Motion Outline Summer Packet.
 Attempt Sample Problems 1-9 in the packet. You may write directly on the packet in
the space provided. Show your work.
 Answer Sample Multiple Choice Questions 1-6 in the packet. Simply circle the correct
 Attempt Textbook Conceptual Questions 1-3 and Textbook Problems 1-10 on a piece of
notebook paper. Show your work when appropriate.
3. Do the best you can on the work. It is ok if you do not get everything correct or struggle with
some of the items. The work will be reviewed during the first week of the upcoming school
4. Enjoy your summer!