Warriors of the Net Questions:

Warriors of the Net Assignment:
Show Mr.Kurz when you are done
Note: You can watch the video again from the TEJ folder.
Questions 1-8 are 2 marks each.
1. What happens in your computer’s “Mail Room”? (3 things)
2. What’s the difference between a router and a switch?
3. What does the “proxy server” do?
4. What happens if data packet gets blown up or crashes?
5. Name two functions of a firewall.
6. What are 4 ways data packets can travel on the internet?
7. How many times could a packet circumvent the globe at the “Drop of
a hat”?
8. What is a “ping of death”? (Click here for more info)
9. Use one of the following to make a detailed map of a data packet’s
journey: paint, flash or Line Rider My Favourite! (4 Marks)