Reaction Papers

Reaction Papers
Each paper is worth 5 points.
You only need to complete 4 of the 5 Reaction Papers. There is no extra credit for completing all 5 papers.
Feel free to complete your Reaction Papers early in the semester, and get them out of the way.
Write a 2-3 page paper (500-800 words, typed) in response to a reading in the reading packet. You will write one
Reaction Paper for each section in the packet. For example, you will write Reaction Paper 1 on a reading from Section
1 in the packet, and Reaction Paper 2 on a reading from Section 2, etc. You may pick any reading in the section to write
about. You do not need to react to more than one article per paper.
In your paper, do not summarize the article – I have already read it. Instead, write a reaction/response type paper. What
did you find interesting about the topic? What did you wish had been talked more/less about? What questions did it
raise in your mind? Is this topic relevant to this course – to your life? If so, how? If not, why not? How does this
reading tie in to other knowledge you already possess? etc. You do not need to answer any or all of these questions
specifically, but I want to see that you have thought about the information and can write an intelligent response to the
Make sure you have a minimum of 500 words or you will be docked points. To get your word count (in Word) just
click “Tools” and “Word Count.” Make sure you note your word count in the header of your paper. You probably need
510 words or so to be safe (since your header will be counted as well).
Formatting Requirements:
 Projects should be typed.
 For identification, please follow the following format, placing the information in the upper left-hand
corner. Your title should be the name of the article you are responding to (e.g. “What's the Difference
Between Nominal and Real?”).
Word Count
Title of Paper (Centered on page)
You will turn in your paper electronically through e-mail. No hard copies are necessary.
Please note:
 You will only be able to submit your paper once, so make sure it is finalized before you go through the
 Do not turn in a paper copy of your assignment. Only submit it electronically through e-mail.