8th Grade STAR Review Packet for Science

8th Grade STAR Review Packet for Science
Name: __________________ Due date: April 14, 2009
Dear Student and Parent:
The STAR test is hastily looming on the horizon. In addition to the
traditional language arts and math components, the 8th grade has the
privilege of testing their recollection of 8th grade science concepts.
In order for you, the student, to be well prepared, we will be spending
time reviewing, as well as covering some topics that have yet to be
covered in class.
To that end, this packet has been prepared with questions
representing all of the standards you will be tested on. As you peruse
this packet, you will find that most material has been covered. A few
have not. Everything in here can be found in your book.
During the next 1 ½ weeks, your job will be to complete the packet
with 100% accuracy. Take your time; use the book and due diligence.
I will post an online version of ½ the questions, representing all of the
standards, to help you. This will be in “Study Guide” style, giving you
feedback on your answers.
Ultimately, of course, you are responsible for the accuracy of your
Yes, this will count on your grade! Please note that the due date is
the second day after your return from Spring break to accommodate
those who are travelling quite a bit.
Good luck!
Mr. Wright