Ch. 1

6th Grade
Chapter 1
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Section 1.1 – Early Humans
Define each of the following terms…..One sentence only………BE BRIEF :
 Historian
 Archaeologist
 Anthropologist
 Artifact
 Fossil
 Nomad
 Technology
 Domestication
 Specialization
 Jericho
 Catal Huyuk
 Surplus
II. Short Answer
1. History is divided into 4 major periods. What are they and the dates?
2. When was the Paleolithic period?
3. Who were the hunters and gatherers?
4. How did the Paleolithic people adapt to their environment?
5. What is an Ice Age?
6. How did the Paleolithic people communicate with one another?
7. What were some of the discoveries/technologies of the Paleolithic people?
8. When was the Neolithic Age?
9. Why was the switch from hunting and gathering to farming important enough to
be called the farming revolution?
10. How did the farming revolution and specialization impact the growth of cities?
11. Who was Otzi and why was he important?
Chapter 1.2 – Mesopotamian Civilization
I. Define each of the following terms:
 Irrigation
 City-state
 Artisan
 Cuneiform
 Scribe
 Empire
 Tigris River
 Euphrates River
 Sumer
 Babylon
 Sargon
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II. Be able to answer the following questions:
1. What is a civilization?
2. Where did Mesopotamia’s civilization begin? What is the area called?
3. Why was the location of Mesopotamia’s civilization important?
4. What were ziggurats and why were they important?
5. What important contributions and inventions did the Sumerians make?
6. How did the Sumerian city-states lose power?
7. Why do think Mesopotamia is sometimes called the “cradle of civilization”?
8. Mesopotamia was in what present day country?
9. Who was Hammurabi and why was he important
10. What was the Standard of Ur and why was it important?
III. EMERALDS – Be able to describe the EMERALDS of ancient Mesopotamia:
Math, Science, & Technology
Religion & Rituals
Arts & Literature
Laws & Government
Daily Life
Social Structure
Chapter 1.3 – The First Empires
I. Define each of the following terms:
 Assyria
 Persian Gulf
 Nineveh
 Nebuchadnezzar
 Province
 Caravan
 Astronomer
II. Short Answer
1. What helped the Assyrians build a vast empire in Mesopotamia?
2. What was life like for the Assyrians?
3. What scientific advancements did the Chaldeans make?
4. What were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Why were they built?