File - Ms. Drake's AP World History Class

AP World History
Unit 1 Test Review 2015
Test format:
50 multiple choice
8 map questions
Be sure to review your summer packet as well as class notes, vocab, and the Unit 1
Completed, handwritten review = 3 bonus points on the test. (Please do not attach the review
in your notebook until it is returned to you.)
1. Prehistory and the Paleolithic era – what are the main characteristics and
developments of the Paleolithic era?
2. Describe the general pattern and characteristics of the “peopling of the earth.” When
did early hominids first migrate out of East Africa? What characterizes the first global
migration patterns?
3. The Neolithic era - what are characteristics, changes, and effects of the agricultural
4. Civilization and the urban revolution – what are the characteristics of civilization?
Where did the first cities emerge?
5. What was the relationship between early cities and pastoral communities? How did
they interact and influence each other?
6. Comparison of Mesopotamia and Egypt – what are the main differences and similarities?
7. Early foundation civilizations – locations (use the map on the back of this review to label
the locations of early civilizations and societies: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Phoenicia,
Harappa, Huang He River Valley Civilization (Yangshao), Olmec, Chavin, and the
places where Austronesian speakers settled.
8. Early foundation civilizations and societies – what are the main, important
characteristics and contributions of each society listed in number 6? (Use our posters
9. The Bantu migrations – where were they, when did they begin, and what was the
10. Indo-European migrations – where were they, when did they begin, and what was the
11. What is the periodization of AP World History? (Write it out!)
12. What is the definition of historiography? Why is it important for students of history to
analyze and think about historiography?