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Adel K. Khalil
Senior Software Engineer
Nov 4th 2009
2324 Zahraa Madinet Nasr, New Cairo.
Cairo, Egypt
Cell: +2010 61 94 590 – primary contact
Nationality: Egyptian
Military Service: Not Applicable
Date of birth: March 3rd 1983
Personality test result is Green Personality which described by as an
exceptionally creative problem solver who brings the ability to think outside the box to the
workplace. The holder of this personality is also typically conceptual, analytical, and a logical
thinker. For more details about the Green Personality see:
Career personality type is ESFJ that means that based on the measure of personality traits, you
are a strong team player and put the needs of the group before the individual. Your emotional
strength combined with a pragmatic work approach makes you a strong asset and this means
you are a strong leader on any team.
IQ Test result ranged from 124 ~ 130. This described as “Very superior intelligence”
according to
Won CriticalSites (World-Wide) Employee of The Month (November, 2007)
Developed custom solution that serves as loans tracking system for major clients
including Bank of Alexandria.
Lead two teams to won 2 awards on the MCIT Best 10 Projects all Egypt 2006.
Developed workflow, fraud prevention systems and case managements deployed for
Commercial International Bank (CIB), Audi and Crédit Agricole.
- gained tens of thousands of loyal readers across the world
since year 2006.
Adel K. Khalil
Speaker in a number of Mini Conferences and User Groups.
Built secure PCI compliant software for processing payment cards according to the US
HIPAA regulations.
Computer Engineering & Control Systems
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Obour Higher Academy
Bsc in Computer Engineering & Control Systems.
Software Engineering, Operation system, Database systems, parallel processing and
Compiler design.
Microprocessor and Microcontroller programming
Robotics systems, Process control systems
Team Lead | S u m m i t Q w e s t ( H Q , U S A )
August 2008 – Present
Leader in providing software solutions for banks, law offices and financial institute.
Senior Consultant | A r c h e r S y s t e m s ( H Q , U S A )
November 2007 – August 2008
Archer systems is an ISV with platform agnostic culture, it’s a leading in providing custom
applications for e-commerce businesses, Network and Database solutions, etc.
Archer Systems has a very large client base including US Government.
Software Engineer | C r i t i c a l S i t e s & N T P S o f t w a r e ( H Q , U S A )
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Adel K. Khalil
January 2007 – November 2007
Help develop application for NTP Software and CriticalSItes (those are sister companies, with
the same owner).
NTP Software is a well known provider of storage technology systems based in US and selling
product for over 15,000,000 users worldwide.
CriticalSites has been around for over 10 years delivering best security practices.
Web Developer
Core Technologies
Microsoft .NET Framework Development 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5
Including C#, Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, ASP.NET, Web Forms, Web
Sites, Web Services, Windows Services, ADO.NET, .NET Remoting, CardSpace,
WPF, LINQ to SQL, WCF and WPF (Novice).
ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller)
XML Including DOM, XPath
Microsoft Access 97, 2000, 2003, 2007
Software Architectures
Object Oriented
Service Oriented Architecture
Database Systems
Deep Understanding of database theory
SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2005 and 2008
Including T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Views, Rules, Cursors, DTS,
DDL, Trace and Profiling, MSDE/SQL Express
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Adel K. Khalil
Software Testing Technologies
Unit Testing using NUnit, MbUnit and xUnit
Test Driven Development using TestDriven.NET
Tools and Libraries
 Entity Frameworks, Linq to SQL, SubSonic, CodeSmith, iBatis, NHibernate and
Enterprise Library 3.1
 Fluent in spoken and written Arabic (mother tongue).
 Fluent in spoken and written English.
 Individual work:
Fraud Detection software for Credit Agricole and Audi Banks.
Content Management System in ASP.NET 3.5 for a Software House.
Loan Tracking System 2.0 financial software automating loans management for Bank of
Alexandria and other major clients.
- ProjectPortal a project management web based application.
- Cross-language application: developed a solution integrates into well known open
source CRM software SugarCRM (.NET, MySQL, PHP and IIS).
- Auditing software with VOIspeed Voice-over-ip application (Java - .NET)
- Automation Software for Optics corporate located is Riyadh, KSA.
- CodePump (codename) for an open source code generator – code smith like.
- Participate on the Open Source project UI for TemplateMaschine which is a likeCodeSmith Code Generator.
- Sales Chain management software.
- Webinars management application.
- Developed security focused solution using Microsoft CardSpace.
 Team work
Pharma: Database application to automate the work process at the pharmacies
companies. (Nominated one of the best 10 MCIT projects of 2006 (All Egypt)).
Position: Project Manager
Web based stock market: stock exchange and market web based application.
Position: Project Manager
Online Testing Application: online testing application for MCIT grant.
Position: Project Manager
Fleet System: automate the work process in the fleet companies. (Nominated one of the
best 10 MCIT projects of 2006 (All Egypt)).
Position: Project Manager.
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Adel K. Khalil
 Member of ACM and IEEE organization.
 Active member in many technologies forums and community groups such as MSDN forums,
CodeProject, Egypt Developers Cooperative.
 Publish software development papers and article through, CodeProject
and other communities.
 Participated in Open source software development projects such as RSS feeds reader
 Attended Middle-East Developer Conference 2004.
 Attended Middle-East Developer Conference 2005.
 Attended Marketing Conference 2006.
 Attended Middle-East Developer Conference 2007.
 Attended SilverKey Demo Day II 2007.
 Computer programming, writing, blogging, football, classic movies and music as well.
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Adel K. Khalil
 Writing my own book in programming.
 Start doing a software development oriented podcast.
 Participate in more open source projects.
 Held .NET User Groups and Code Camps in Egypt. Done 
 Volunteer as a trainer for software best practices when time permits. Done.
Please feel free to contact me IM:adel83k on Live Messenger or Skype:adel83k.
Thanks for taking the time and reviewing my resume.
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