Trainer Profile - Adel Rawlinson With over 10 years experience Adel

Trainer Profile - Adel Rawlinson
With over 10 years experience Adel is a leading Therapist and
the Northwest. She was trained at City University, London by
Valerie Austin in the use of her world recognised advanced
hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. She has been helping
people to make profound personal transformations since
2004. Adel is professional and knowledgeable and provides
practical, interactive and fun filled activity based trainings to
individuals and businesses through workshops and seminars.
She has delivered numerous trainings and has 10+ years of
developing knowledge and expertise in her field.
Adel’s area of expertise lies in the field of personal
development. She is highly skilled in the use of a range of
exceptional mind management techniques such as hypnosis, EFT and NLP which are
quick and effective tools to elicit personal transformation. She knows how to guide a
person in identifying and removing the blocks which prevent them from being the best
they can be. Prior to the inception of her company MindMasters, Adel worked in the field
of Sales and Account Management in the corporate arena.
Areas of Expertise
Stress / Anger Management
Meditation / Relaxation
Presentation Skills / Public Speaking
Confidence Building
Identifying and Releasing Blocks to Success
Interview Skills
Sales / Telephone Sales Skills
Mood Contagion in the Workplace
Communication Skills
Weight Management / Metabolic Typing
Smoking Cessation
Healthy Eating Assessments & Coaching
1:1 Coaching / Therapy
General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) Senior Level Qualification
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy- City University London
Master Hypnotherapist – Mental Combat Hypnotherapy & NLP
Virtual Gastric Band Certification – Sheila Granger Training
EFT Levels 1,2,3 Advanced – Tania Prince Training
Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Chek Institute, CHEK Europe
For more information contact Adel on 07969 653 747
or email:
Client Testimonials
That was one of the most interesting presentations I have attended in a very long time.
Great subject matter and delivered very professionally. We all go about our busy lives
and neglect the one thing we really should be taking care of, our bodies! A lot of what
you said made me think really hard about what I put into my body. After the change I
made to cut Aspartame from my diet I can see the benefits of changing the way one
eats! I was astounded at some of the facts you mentioned about how our bodies can
regenerate themselves sometimes in a matter of weeks. The offer to pass your info to
the chair of governors at Bury Grammar still stands!
Debi Felloni – The Best of Bury Ltd
After meeting with Adel at a networking event and personally experiencing her services,
I engaged her to present a stress management session to my company – Jobwise – at a
Company Evening. The session was very professional and at the same time entertaining
– and engaged all 30 of our staff (which is quite difficult to do!) Adel is very credible and
Leanne Goodwin – Managing Director – Jobwise Ltd
I found your techniques really interesting and I can see how they can be easily adapted
to various people and their vices. A few things I personally picked up which I didn't
know previously, one of which is about the PH balance of bottled water which I will take
on board now. Also we had a chat about Bio resonance testing, which I have already
looked into and arranged testing, so thank you for that tip. I'm so happy you covered
Aspartame on the course, I'm always trying to explain this to deaf ears and failing. They
just seem to think that because it says diet or free on the bottle they've made an effort.
I wish you all the best, and I will pass on your details to anyone I feel requires your
Natalie Starr - Senior Partner ASC-UK
The course was very well managed and an excellent tutor. I would suggest discussion
with the Hotel regarding noisy staff, otherwise an excellent course. I am looking forward
to Part 2 soon. Adel is a very caring and sensitive person and ideally suited to her
chosen skills as an hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner.
David Cundall
I came home and "preached" to my children about sugar and McDonalds, I loved the
tapping, I have done it before and really believed it help me with my business. Thank
You I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Joanne Ramsden – Principal J Ramsden Financial Solutions
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