11 and 12 Test Review Chapter 11 Define developmental


11 and 12 Test Review

Chapter 11

Define developmental psychology

Stages of prenatal development: know characteristics of each

Effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Trends in motor development

Effects of culture on maturation


Attachment: recognize the 3 main types and separation anxiety

Belsky’s view of the environment’s effect on attachment

Erikson’s stage theory

Piaget’s stage theory: know the principles as well

Kohlberg’s moral development

Primary and secondary sex characteristics

Marcia’s identities

Social clocks

Super’s Vocational Life Cycle

Chapter 12

Define personality and traits

Big 5

Freud’s structure of personality: know primary and secondary process thinking as well

Levels of awareness

Defense mechanisms

Psychosexual development

Jung: collective unconscious, introvert/extrovert

Alfred Adler and Inferiority Complex

B.F. Skinner: determinism

Bandura: reciprocal determinism

Rogers and Maslow


Essay Options


The experience of midlife crises has been likened by some to the adolescent search for identity. In what ways are these 2 developmental phenomena similar? How are they different?


On first learning about the different theoretical perspectives on personality, many people like the views of the humanistic theorists best. Why do you think this is? Are these reasons sound, scientific criteria for evaluating a theoretical perspective on



Discuss ways in which each of the major perspectives on personality has influenced some aspect of everyday life in modern society.