Addendum- Fall, 2009

Addendum- Fall, 2009
Professor: Libby Langer
Office: Room T2078
Student Help Hours: Tuesdays and Fridays, period 6 ( or by appointment)
Phone: (416)-491-5050, x3704
Attendance/Classroom Behavior
 Regular attendance to classes is recommended. You are responsible for keeping track of
hand-outs and any materials posted on my web page. If I do not have copies of
materials available in class, you may obtain them from me at my office.
Consider attending class, even if it means that you are coming in late. However, please
respect the rights of your classmates by keeping disruptions to a minimum.
 Cell phones are to be turned off when class is in session.
Plagiarism and Cheating
Seneca College has a strict policy regarding cheating and plagiarism. Go to the link
below to familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures.
Labs and Assignments
During the semester, there will be at 2 - 3 assignments for a total value of 20%.
Some home-work assignments (labs) will make up the remaining 5% of your final grade.
Tests and Exams
During the semester, there will be two (2) term test.
Test #1 will cover the Business Mathematics component of this subject. (Week 5)
Test #2 will cover the Financial Accounting component of this subject. (Week 10)
 Every effort will be made to stagger the test schedule so that you are not overloaded with
tests and assignments all at one time. That being said, make up tests will be given only
to those people who are able to provide a medical certificate or verifiable documentation
to support/justify their absence.
Each test is worth 20% and the final exam is worth 35% of your final grade) => 75%
Final Exam
The Final Exam will cover all the material covered in this subject with the focus on Accounting
Semester End Date: Wednesday, December9
Exam Week - Thursday, December 10 – Wednesday, December 16