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ROOM 211
Parents and students:
This is a college level course, which is covered in one semester. Each student is required to take the AP
Environmental Science Exam in May (May 11, 2010; 8 AM) to receive AP credit. Depending on their score students may earn
college credit by taking the exam.
Many students have never had to do this kind of thinking about this much material at this hectic pace. It often takes
practice and patience to succeed. But, successful students will be well prepared for college work if they master the study skills
needed for this course. Students are responsible for learning the facts by themselves. The teacher will set the pace and try to
show students “the big picture,” as well as clarify the most difficult concepts. It is estimated that most average students will
spend an AVERAGE of 1- 2 hours each night on this course. *Studying with other students is sometimes helpful, but
reading and taking their own notes in advance of class is usually most effective!
Please review the class information sheets with your student. I want both parents and students to be aware of what is
required for this course. This includes materials needed for class and grading procedure. As with any college course there will
no work/assignments accepted late. If you are absent it is your responsibility to make up ANY missed work within 5 days.
After 5 days work will be counted as late and no longer accepted. This includes work left at home or in their locker by mistake.
Students should always bring all materials to class.
There are large numbers of in class and extra curricular activities that will be required to do. This is a work intensive
class. It is your responsibility to have all assignments ready to hand in when these are due. Course assignments must be neat,
complete, and submitted on time. All work should be completed by you on your own. Working with another student is only
allowed on specified group assignments. Any assignment not handed in when collected in class will be considered late and
no longer accepted. If you miss class for any reason, it is your responsibility to make up any work, get your notes, and hand in
any assignments that were made within given makeup time period.
Several projects/labs completed in this class will require data collection outside the classroom. Students are expected
to be on their best behavior when outside. Anyone who loses their privilege of going out to collect data will be at a definite
disadvantage. It is also important that you be present in class. Labs cannot be made up since materials are very expensive.
Data collection is day and time sensitive. Students who are absent must get data from classmates. You will be held responsible
for understanding the procedures, data analysis, and the functions of all materials. You will also be responsible for all
experimental design information (variables, levels of the independent variable, constants, controls, etc.). Close toed shoes are
required for ALL labs, indoors and outdoors. Students need to be sure to dress appropriately so they can participate in
lab sessions. Those who are not will not participate and will receive a zero for that lab. Be warned that this is a lab
oriented class.
To prepare students for college testing and requirements there will only be 4 major tests given in this class. NO
RETAKES will be allowed. Students need to study every night to be prepared for these tests. Waiting for a specific review
sheet or the night before will not be enough. Most reviews will be very short and list more broad topics students should know.
This is not a class where they will be told exactly what will be tested.
**This course will be a challenge and contain an intensive work load. Students are strongly advised to buy an AP
preparation book for AP Environmental Science to use during the semester to help understand concepts, practice answering
questions and writing essays for the AP test. Students will require support and encouragement since there are usually times
when everyone becomes frustrated and tired. Students are given two copies of this letter. One copy MUST be signed and
returned to the teacher. The second copy MUST be signed and kept in the front of their notebook.
Please note that any student that does not meet the school exam exemption policy will have to take a teacher
made exam during the exam period at the end of the school year. Taking the AP Environmental Science exam DOES
NOT automatically exempt a student from the final exam in the course. Please feel free to call or visit me at school with any
questions (439-6191). I am frequently here at school after school hours (Monday–Thursday) if any assistance with work is
needed. My email address is norma.underwood@montgomery.k12.nc.us.
I have read and understand what is required of me/my student in this class. I also understand that I am to complete my
work on my own unless the work is a specified group assignment.
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