Centre Wellington District High School ENG 1L – Fall 2013

Centre Wellington District High School
ENG 1L – Fall 2013
Mrs. van de Pol
Parents are strongly encouraged to read this course outline with you and call the teacher at the
school if there are any questions.
Welcome to ENG 1L! This course is designed to develop the key reading, writing, oral
communication, and thinking skills you will need for success in high school and daily life. You
will study novels, poems/songs, short stories, reports and media works. You will also complete
written and oral products. An important part of this course will be communicating clearly to
demonstrate your understanding. Let’s look forward to an interesting and productive semester.
Curriculum Expectations
By the end of the course, you will have had an opportunity to improve your skills in the
following four achievement categories: Knowledge/Understanding, Thinking/Inquiry,
Communication, and Application.
Course Content
The four achievement categories listed above are explored in the eight units listed below:
Who I am
Friends – Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes
Short Stories
War Brothers – class novel study
Independent Novel Study
Literacy Mastery
Culminating: Divergent novel study
Grammar - daily
Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s ideas or words without giving proper credit. Plagiarism
is a serious offence and will not be tolerated. If your work shows evidence of plagiarism, at
the teacher’s discretion, you will receive a zero on the assignment, resubmit the assignment, or
forfeit credit in the course.
Texts and Materials
War Brothers by Sharon E. McKay
Divergent by Veronica Roth
Grammar: Various assignments from the teacher
Films: A variety of curriculum related videos will be shown to enhance student understanding
Selected short works
Semester Work (written assignments, journals, tests, oral presentations, etc.):
Culminating Activities
Final Exam
Course Procedures:
Due dates for assignments and test dates will be given with ample notice. If you cannot meet a
deadline, please see me ahead of time. In order for you to do well in this course ALL assigned
work must be completed.
The penalty for missing a test or an assignment without an acceptable excuse is the loss of
opportunity to demonstrate the learned skill. In certain circumstances, alternate arrangements
may be made. Missed work must be made up within one day of a student’s return to class after a
legitimate and verifiable absence. Failure to make arrangements to make up for late assignments
or missed work may result in mark deductions.
Please remember that you must respect Centre Wellington’s attendance policy. You are
responsible for all instructions, homework, and tests given in your absence. If you are away
for a class please bring in a note to verify your absence. If you will be away for a presentation,
please call the school (842-2500) and leave a message in my voice mailbox (577). Your group
will present without you, so be sure to have a copy of your work to submit when you return.
You are encouraged to come to class every day prepared to learn and do your best.
Attendance and keeping up with assignments are crucial to your success in this course!
Have a great semester!