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English 9 Study Guide Unit Test – Courage

This unit test will be an unseen short story. Refer to the Unit One for all definitions. All worksheets and the information discussed in Speak are included.

Constructed Response ‘Testable Terms’  Narrative Perspective – First Person , Third Person Limited , Third Person Omniscient  Irony – Situational , Dramatic , and Verbal  Conflict – Internal, Interpersonal, and External  Courage (discussed in all short stories and poems in this unit!)  Foreshadowing Multiple Choice ‘Testable Terms’    Character Traits The meaning of a word (using contextual clues to help) Diction     Simile, Metaphor, and Personification Hyperbole Flashback Tone and Mood  Theme *Narrative Perspective, Irony, Foreshadowing, or Conflict could also show up as a Multiple Choice item!* Personal Response ‘Free-Write’ or Visual Representation  You may be asked a personal response question or to create a visual related to the story or characters