The Rocking Horse Winner

The Rocking Horse Winner
D. H. Lawrence
pg 1007 in The Language of Literature text
 bonny
 career
 parry
 obscure
Comprehension Check:
1. What is the financial situation of Paul’s family?
2. What does the mother value the most and why?
3. Where does Paul hope his rocking chair will take him?
4. How has Paul made some money?
5. Why has Paul been betting?
Literary Analysis:
What is foreshadowing? Identify and examine the use of foreshadowing in this story. Give specific
examples. How is foreshadowing linked with the conflict of the story???
 Paul
 Paul’s Mother
 Oscar
What is ironic about Paul’s behavior at the racetrack in comparison to the Frenchman? Identify the type
of irony used and what it reveals about the characters.
What is ironic about the remarks that Paul’s mother makes?
What is a symbol in literature? Identify one use of symbolism in the story and explain what it is
significant of.
Thematic Link:
“New images of reality”
This story is told in a similar manner as a fairytale, but clearly has real life concepts and ideas. What, in
your opinion, is the new image of reality presented in this story? What is the purpose of exploring this
new image? (What, as a reader, do you find important to understanding the story?)