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Rhetorical Device analysis

AP English11.12-Midterm Review
Analytical Writing
Imagery -Pathos
By appealing to our physical senses, the author makes use of imagery, creating visual
representation of ideas in our minds.
For example, the words “Screaming” and “shouting” appeal to our sense of hearing, or auditory
sense. The words “dark” and “dim” create a mental image that allows the reader to visualize
the scene that______. “Whiff” and “aroma” evoke our sense of smell, or olfactory sense. The
idea of “soft” in this example appeals to our sense of touch, or tactile sense.
He appeals to pathos, when he paints/creates a positive/negative scenario /picture with the
statement that …, invoking ______in the audience. That is because…. Therefore, he convinces
his readers of the idea that_______________________.
Foreshadowing helps the readers develop expectations about the coming events in a story.
For example, in the sentence “the evening was still. Suddenly, a cool breeze started
blowing and made a windy night”, words like “blowing” and “windy” foreshadow thunderstorm.
Irony shows a difference between appearance and reality, in such a way that intended meaning
of words like “…” is different from the actual meaning.
The gap between Romeo’s perspective -- that Juliet is dead -- and the audience’s perspective -that Juliet is merely feigning death -- constitutes dramatic irony.
With situational irony, expectations raised by a situation are reversed, making the consequences
and reality of the situation surprising and unexpected. The reader's expectations and what is
deemed appropriate create tension in the story. For example, the author is using irony, when he
writes that … ,which conveys the message that______________. This awakens______in the
audience because________.Therefore,____________________ .
Facts & Numbers :
After the brief yet effective outset, in the following paragraphs, the author talks
about___________________. He appeals to logos and ethos through using high quality of
second-hand evidence, strengthening the reliability and effectiveness of his argument. The
author cites some facts and numbers in paragraph__, which have the advantage of great
objectivity and accuracy. The statement”…” shows_________________. After knowing this,
many readers will feel that ___________________________. This strengthens support and
sharpens his focus that_________________. The author’s employment of the above evidence
also enhances his ethos because information from makes the author look knowledgeable and
prepared to his or her audience, making the work credible and believable because we readers
are confident of what we are being told is correct and true.
Expert opinion:
By making reference to ''...'', the author calls in the thinking of an authority as evidence,
strengthening his ethos.
AP English11.12-Midterm Review