The American Rev

“If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution” by Kay Moore
The members of the Continental Congress _________________________
Other names for the American Revolution:
The American Revolution is also called a civil war because
What is the difference between a Loyalist and a Patriot?
Life before the Revolution:
Describe each of the following:
New England Colonies: (MA, NH, RI, CT)
Middle Colonies: (NY, PA, NJ, DE)
Southern Colonies: (MD, VA, NC, SC, GA)
The colonies are all located along the _________ coast. They _______
work well together because they’re only interested in their own _______
What Started the Revolution?
settlers: __________________________________________________
protest: __________________________________________________
At first settlers wanted British rule because
But, colonists grew tired of British rule because
What was the Stamp Act? Why couldn’t the colonists complain?
Explain this quote, “Taxation Without Representation is tyranny!”
Give an effect for each cause.
CAUSE: King George took away all taxes except on tea.
CAUSE: The colonists threw tea into Boston Harbor.
The battle of ________________________________ marked the
beginning of the American Revolution on __________________________.
The Loyalists
Reasons for staying loyal
1. The ____________________ had the right to rule the
_____________ and his laws were ______________.
2. _______________ of British _________________
3. _____________ in England. Don’t want to put them in __________.
4. A _____________ run by rich ___________ would be __________.
Other names for Loyalists:
Some Loyalists joined the British Army which was also called
_______________ or __________________ because of the color of
their uniforms.
Others formed Loyalist Units such as ______________, _____________,
_______________ or ________________
Other groups of people to join the British Army included
New York City was called the _______________ capital of America.
The Patriots:
liberty: __________________________________________________
Patriots wanted to be just _________________ not British Americans.
They wanted to be United ________________ and _______________
Other names for Patriots.
What groups of people made up the Continental Army?
Did Everyone in the Colonies Take Sides?
No, many people stayed _________________.
*Some families had members that were Loyalists as well as Patriots.
*Some people wanted to stay out entirely like the ________________ and
* ________________ and ________________ could not express their
views, and had to go along with the view of the household.
How Life Changed after the Declaration of Independence:
militia: ___________________________________________________
The Declaration of Independence was written by ___________________
and adopted by _______________________. It listed _____________
The view was that the 13 colonies were one separate nation. Most Patriots
agreed with it, but some thought it was not a good idea.
What does this quote mean? “Declaring our Independence at a time like this
is like burning down out house before we have another.” John Dickinson
What is meant by “minutemen”?
Women and Children:
Boys could join the army at age ________.
Younger boys played __________, __________ or ____________.
Boys carried ___________ or ____________.
Women and girls ______________, _______________, ____________.
Some women were called “Molly ____________” because
The Continental Congress asked each state to ________________ its own
________________. Gold and Silver were hard to come by.
The money lost value. People copied it and too much was printed. People
called the money _________________________ because
This is called _____________________________.
Explain this quote, “It’s not worth a Continental.”
Food and Clothes:
necessities: _______________________________________________
If you lived in the country, how did you get the things that you needed?
How did people in the cities get their necessities?
News about the war and other colonies:
published: _________________________________________________
Why were committees of correspondence needed?
How were children used?
What was a “town crier”?
How were newspapers different than those of today?
What were broadsides?
Famous Patriots:
discharge: _________________________________________________
____1. George Washington
____2. Patrick Henry
____3. Paul Revere
____4. John Adams
____5. Benjamin Franklin
____6. Thomas Jefferson
____7. Marquis de Lafayette
____8. Nathan Hale
____9. Crispus Attucks
___10. AbigailAdams
___11. Mercy Otis Warren
___12. Phillis Wheatley
___13. Deborah Sampson
a) a black man killed during the Boston Massacre
b) helped write the Declaration of Independence
c) wrote plays that made fun of the British
d) wrote MOST of the Declaration of Independence
e) commander of the Continental Army
f) joined the Continentals as a man named Robert Shurtleff
g) made a famous ride that warned the British were coming
h) wrote to her husband telling him “not to forget the ladies”
i) said “Give me liberty or give me death.”
j) helped write the Declaration of Independence
k) spied for the Patriots, was caught and killed
l) a Frenchman who helped Washington throughout the war
m) first published black poet in America
The End of the War:
What is a treaty?
List the 3 major events of this section.