Quiz 2 Review

Quiz 2 Review
• What is the significance of the French and
Indian War?
• Tensions between the English and the Colonists
increased after the war.
• The _______________________ was a
response to the passage of the Tea Act and
caused the British to pass the Intolerable Acts,
shutting down the port of Boston and placing
the city under Martial Law.
• Boston Tea Party
• Why did the Declaration of Independence
have such a strong impact around the world?
• provides justification for revolting against unjust
• According to the Declaration of Independence,
the people have the right to alter or abolish a
government if that government…..
• violates natural rights
• How did Common Sense by Thomas Paine, aid
the revolutionary cause in the American
• persuaded individuals who were undecided to
support independence
• “The only representatives of the people of
these colonies are persons chosen therein by
themselves; and that no taxes ever have been,
or can be constitutionally imposed on them
but by their respective legislatures.”
• -Statement by the Stamp Act Congress, 1765
• Only the colonists’ elected representatives should
have the power to levy taxes.
• Because of his military experience, the Second
Continental Congress chose _______________
____________________ to lead the
continental army during the revolution.
• George Washington (a.k.a. G Dubz)
• The Declaration of Independence was written
by _____________ _________________.
• T.J. (Thomas Jefferson)
• Who was the commander of the British
troops, who surrendered to George
Washington at Yorktown?
• Cornwallis
• The final major battle of the Revolution was at
________________, Virginia
• Yorktown
• The Battle of _______________ was a turning
point in the Revolutionary War. The colonial
victory convince France to join the war on the
side of the colonists
• Saratoga
• The Continental Army made their winter camp
at ______________ _____________ in 1777.
General Washington used this opportunity to
train his men, despite the harsh conditions
• Valley Forge
• It was at the Battle of
_______________________ that the first shot
of the revolution (“the shot heard round the
world” was fired
• Lexington and Concord
• Which battle involved a daring late night
crossing of the Delaware River that resulted in
a much-needed victory for the Continental
Army during the Revolutionary War?
• Trenton
• What was one major advantage that the
Patriot army had over the British army during
the American Revolution?
Home field advantage
Element of surprise (guerilla)
Determination to fight
French alliance
• What was an advantage the British had over
the Patriots during the American Revolution?
• Better trained, better equipped army
• Most powerful Navy in the world.
• Tories, and Native American allies