Revolution Study Guide

Revolution Study Guide
What is the difference between Patriots and Loyalists?
Why did Parliament repeal the Townshend Acts?
When was Common Sense written? What effect would it have on Thomas Jefferson?
What were the details of the Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts)?
When, where, and why did the First Continental Congress meet?
What were the details of the Treaty of Paris in 1783?
What did the members of the Second Continental Congress discuss? What did they
Who were the Sons of Liberty?
In what town were the colonial weapons stored that the British wanted to seize on April
18, 1775?
Why did the British begin taxing the colonists?
Why were the minutemen told, “Don’t fire unless fired upon” prior to the Battle of
Why did Thomas Paine think that citizens should make laws?
What was the first direct tax put on the colonists?
Because the one-year contracts many of Washington’s soldiers were fighting under were
about to expire it was important for Washington to win at what two battles in late 1776
and early 1777?
In an attempt to get colonists to join forces at the First Continental Congress, who said, “I
am not a Virginian, but an American?”
Colonists began to desire political equality because of the influence of what two events?
Why were Thomas Paine’s ideas expressed in Common Sense considered so radical?
What were the reasons Jefferson gave for breaking away from Great Britain?
Why was the message of the Declaration of Independence not consistent with the practice
of slavery?
More than 50,000 Loyalists fled the colonies, one of George Washington’s closest friends
fled to Britain because he was a loyalist, and debates arose over the conflict between the
ideals of liberty and the practice of slavery over the signing of what document?
What problem did the Patriots have in the war at sea?
Why did thousands of African-American slaves join the British Army following the
Dunmore Proclamation?
The Continental Army went on the offensive for the first time at what battle?
After what battle did the Patriots gain France and Spain as an ally?
What was Spain’s motive for joining the Patriot cause?
What was a common technique the patriots used to protest British taxes?
Why did Marquis de Lafayette fight for the Americans in the revolution?
What hardships did the Continental Army face at Valley Forge?
What did “no taxation without representation” mean?
Who was nicknamed “the Swamp Fox”
How did American Indians feel about the Revolution?
What advantages and disadvantages did each side have during the war?
What were the terms of the Treaty of Paris 1783?
Why was General Cornwallis forced to surrender at Yorktown?
Where did the most brutal fighting of the war take place?