American Rev Study Guide

The American Revolution
(Make certain you understand and can fully explain each question.)
Directions: Write down each question and its answer in your history journal in Cornell Notes format on
pages 70-73.
1. Why did the redcoats march toward Concord? Were they successful in their mission? Why
or why not?
2. Why are the battles of Lexington and Concord significant?
3. What did the British learn at the Battle of Bunker Hill?
4. What are Patriots? Loyalists?
5. What actions did the Second Continental Congress take at the outbreak of war?
6. What was the most significant accomplishment of the Second Continental Congress?
7. When was the Declaration of Independence approved and who was the primary author of
this document?
8. What were the British advantages (3 ea) and American (Patriots) advantages (3 ea) at the
beginning of the American Revolution?
9. Why were some colonists Loyalists (four reasons)?
10. Why was the publication of Thomas Paine’s booklet Common Sense significant?
11. What did Washington do after the defeat at Long Island
12. What obstacles did the Continental Army face?
13. What effect did the Battles at Trenton and Princeton have on the Americans?
14. What was the British plan for victory in 1777?
15. What was the outcome and effect of the Battle of Saratoga? Why is this battle considered the
turning point of the American Revolution?
16. Where did American troops spend the winter of 1777-1778? What were conditions like?
17. Who was Marquis de Lafayette?
18. How did Friederich von Steuban help the American army?
19. Why was money a problem for the Continental Congress?
20. What impact did John Paul Jones have on the American navy?
21. Why did the British decide to concentrate their efforts in the South?
22. What was a popular strategy of the Patriots in the South?
23. Why was the Battle of Yorktown significant?
24. Why was the 1783 Treaty of Paris significant?
25. What were the details of the 1783 Treaty of Paris?
You must do the following to earn bonus points to be applied to your exam:
1) Study with your parent or another adult for a minimum of 30 minutes (or more if you don’t
feel confident in your understanding of the content). Focus on the above topics and your
notes. Test questions will be based on the above topics and your notes, which are
available online at Mr. Cranford’s website.
2) Pass the exam.
3) Return this signed form by exam day: Friday, May 31.
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