Performance Verb Flash Cards

Story Elements Vocabulary
the action that takes place in a story; the sequence of events in which
(structure or diagram)
a conflict arises, builds, and gets resolved.
the first part of the plot in which the characters and setting are
introduced, and background information is given
a series of cause and effect events that build as the protagonist
rising action
struggles to solve a conflict
turning point in the story where the main character makes a big
decision; the conflict is at its most suspenseful point
plot events that happen as a direct result of the climax
falling action
the outcome of the conflict where all of the loose ends are tied up
the narrator is a character inside the story telling only what they see,
first person
point-of-view (POV) think, hear or feel
third person limited the narrator is outside the story, telling the thoughts, feelings and
actions of only one single character in the story
the narrator is outside the story, and knows the thoughts, feelings and
third person
actions of all characters in the story
omniscient POV
the main character who is faced with a conflict
the person (or force) in a story who causes the conflict
the time and place of a story
the problem in a story that is caused by another character or force of
external conflict
the problem in a story that is caused by a struggle of emotions within
internal conflict
the character’s own mind