Literary Terms Review Worksheet

Literary Terms Review Worksheet
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Carefully read each of the definitions provided and fill in the name of the Literary Term which BEST fits the
*External Conflict *Plot *Resolution *Falling Action
*Exposition *Point of View
* Theme
*3 Person Omniscient
*Internal Conflict
*Rising Action
*1st Person
1. Describing two things using like or as __________________________________.
2. The place and time of a story’s action is called its ________________________.
3. The struggle between opposing forces in a story or play is called ______________ (NOTE: all stories must
have this element in order to move forward!).
4. ___________________ (Not “narrator”) determines through whose eyes the story is told from. These
three types are referred to as ____________________________, _____________________________, and
5. The two types of conflict in a story or play are _________________________ (happens within a character)
OR _______________________________ (happens outside of a character) (NOTE: both types can be in the
same story).
6. A series of related events within the same story is known as its _________________.
7. A contrast between what is expected and what actually happens in a story is called
8. ___________________________ is the lesson learned, moral or “insight into life” which the author wants
you to pull from the story.
9. ________________________ is the method an author uses to develop the personalities of his characters.
10. The five elements of plot/ storyline (in the exact order): ____________________,
________________________, __________________, _____________________,
11. A logical guess based on evidence is called ________________________________.
12. Hints about what is going to happen next use the techniques of _________________.
13. The feeling you, the reader, gets when you read a story, play, etc __________________________________.
14. An author’s attitude towards his/her work is called _____________________________.