Humans in the Environment Test Review

Humans in the Environment Test Review
 The Story of Stuff
- Linear economy vs. closed loop or sustainable economy
- Why can’t a linear economy operate on a finite planet
 Ecological Footprint
- Define ecological footprint. How do we measure our impact on the planet?
- How much land does the average Canadian require to maintain their standard
of living?
- How many planets would we require if everyone on the planet consumed at
this rate?
- What approximately is our rightful share if we averaged out the available
productive land between all people on the planet?
 Water Use
- How much water in litres does the average Canadian use per day?
- Be able to calculate a family’s average water use
- Using a graph, demonstrate how one family compares to another.
- Apply a line of best fit and be able to determine the average water use
per person in a family.
 Drainage Basins and Watersheds
- Differentiate between these 2 terms
- List the 5 Drainage Basins and the major Rivers associated with them
 Water as a Resource
- What is the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources?
- In your opinion, what type of resource is water?
- Demonstrate ability to diagram and explain the hydrologic cycle.
- What are wetlands and why are they significant?
- What are the 3 types of water pollution and what is an example of each?
- Demonstrate ability to diagram how wastes and chemicals move through the
food chain.
- Know the following terms: bioaccumulation, chemical soup
 Natural Resources
- Other than water, what are the other natural resources in Canada and what are
a couple of examples of each?
- Name and define the 3 types of industry
- Differentiate between basic and non-basic industry
- Study the jigsaw handouts on natural resources (this is a lot of material but
focus on the main points. I will not ask you to answer obscure questions!)
 Global Warming (Chapter 35 and PBS – NOW links on ManageBac)
- Be able to define / identify the terms greenhouse effect, climate change /
global warming, greenhouse gasses
- What can we expect to see in the next 100 years with regard to climate
change / global warming? How will human be affected?
- Has human activity caused the world’s climate to change over the past
100 years? What is your opinion based on facts?