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Climate Change: The Basics explains what climate change is and why it is
occurring. One of the causes of climate change is the greenhouse effect (the thin
layer of gases surrounding our planet). The difference between global warming
and climate change is that global warming is the increase in Earth's surface
temperature, while climate change is the long-term change in our climate.
According to NASA statistics, temperature anomalies and the global temperature
have increased over time, as with the volume of water throughout the years. The
melting of glaciers at the North and South Poles is one example. In addition, the
expansion of water due to a rise in temperature and the addition of water from
melted ice are also contributing factors to the sea level rise. Climate change is
also evident in some countries, such as the United States of America. To
summarize, humans are the primary cause of climate change and are thus the
only ones who can help save the Earth.