Grade 6 Study Guide for Quiz




Carbon dioxide

Solar energy



Fossil fuel


Greenhouse effect




Global warming



Grade 6 Study Guide for Quiz

Dry planet that is more Earth-like than others

A colorless, odorless, non-poisonous gas that is a normal part of our atmosphere; a greenhouse gas

Direct radiant energy from the sun (or UV)

Complex process that occurs in living green plant cells allowing plants to grow

All of the living and dead organisms found near the earth’s surface in parts of the lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere

A type of fuel derived from geologic deposits of organic materials, including crude oil, coal and natural gas

The “third rock” from the sun

Produced when certain gases in a planet’s atmosphere trap solar energy to warm the planet

The average weather for a region over a long period of time

A change in the quality of the environment that can adversely affect the health of humans or other living organisms

A substance composed of atoms of two or more elements

The progressive gradual rise of the earth’s surface temperature in recent decades

The part of the earth composed of water

Mixture of gases surrounding a planet

Things to Know


Explain some ways you can help our environment a.

Use buses and trains, car pool b.

Walk or bike ride c.

Drive slowly (produces less pollution) d.



Name 3 alternative energy sources a.

Wind b.

Wave c.



Know effect global warming has on weather

With more heat trapped on Earth, the planet will become warmer which means the weather all over Earth will change

Some places will become drier, others wetter

Most areas will become warmer, but some will become cooler

There may be many storms, floods, and drought


Global warming on sea levels

Higher temperatures will make the water of the seas/oceans expand.

Ice melting in the Antarctic and Greenland will flow into the sea.

Areas of land will be a danger from flooding


How many centimeters are oceans expected to rise? 20-40 cm


Know effect of global warming on farming and water a.

Farming: changes in the amount of rainfall will affect how plants grow. Some plants also grow differently in different temperatures. The effect of a change in the weather on plant growth may lead to some countries not having enough food. b.

Water: Changes in the weather will bring more rain in some countries but others will have less rain.


Worldwide problems of acid rain a.

Wear down statues b.

Man’s homes could be affected c.

Hunger d.

Causes air pollution