How can these problems be solved in your opinion?

6. You are going to make a report at the international conference, devoted to the
questions of environmental protection. Talk about:
 the problems which are caused by the pollution of the environment in the world.
-How can these problems be solved in your opinion?
Good afternoon, dear audience! I’m happy to take part in this conference, devoted
to the questions of the environmental protection.
Protection of the environment is paid much attention to all over the world. Global
warming, the ozone layer problems, air and water pollution, industrial waste are in
the centre of our attention. Environmental pollution is a burning problem of our
I reckon, we must pay great attention to the problem of saving enough clear water
for us to survive. We use water at home, we drink it, cook with it, take showers,
wash dishes and clothes. Water is not only a part of our life, it’s a part of us! The
man is 80% liquid. So the water resources are important and shouldn’t be polluted.
One mustn’t also ignore the danger of nuclear pollution, the most dreadful example
of which is the Chernobyl disaster. Nuclear power stations cannot be banned as
they provide much energy which people need. However, it’s utterly necessary to
learn this technology better in order to feel safe using it.
Unfortunately, industrial and household waste, as the result of human activity,
created another acute environmental problem. It is the waste sites where litter and
food leftovers are taken from our homes and are heaped in immense quantities.
The soil in the areas on the city outskirts becomes polluted with plastic, cans,
bottles and papers and this leads to regrettable consequences, because we grow our
food on this soil.
The problem of global warming is becoming more and more disturbing. One of the
causes of global warming is burning fossil fuels for energy. It has released
greenhouse gases into the atmosphere of our planet. As the average temperature
becomes higher it may cause melting of polar ice, in its turn the rising of the sea
level and a serious impact on the sea ecosystem. Weather patterns will change:
there will be more hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. This is a very serious
problem, that’s why many scientists try to find the solution and help the planet.
In my opinion, we should take the following steps to solve the environmental
problems. First, we must educate our people about proper ecologically-friendly
behaviour, organize special lectures, lessons and seminars. Second, we must do our
best to reduce the ”greenhouse effect”: plant large quantities of trees, use means of
transport that do not pollute air and water. Finally, some energy-conserving
sources must be found to be used in everyday life. We must treat all those
problems seriously, responsibly and with great care. Everything that affects the
environment, affects people and vice versa. We are all connected as the parts of the
same system. So we must care about the world around us, just like we care for