Of Mice and Men Partner Research Project

Of Mice and Men Partner Research
Students will be partnering up in the library for a week of research based on the historical time
period of the 1920’s / 1930’s.
Students will be creating a PowerPoint presentation that will include the
At least 12 slides (this includes the work cited slide)
Well researched and informative information about the
selected topic
Research presented from a minimum of four academic
sources (No Wikipedia, blogs, Yahoo Answers, etc.)
a. 2 sources may come from the WebQuest Links, the
other 2 sources must come from scholarly journals,
articles or books.
b. You may use more than 4 sources but not less.
At least 4 pictures with documented sources (the
websites you get the images from do not count towards
your three sources but documentation is required for all pictures)
Your first slide must be the Thesis (Main Idea) of your selected topic.
(What is the point that you want to make about the general topic you
have chosen).
You will need to use 3 direct quotes and 3 paraphrases to back up the
statements and ideas that you present to the class.
A 4+ minute presentation in class covering the material you learned with
all members equally participating
You will be graded on the following components…
1.) The accuracy of your research (selecting reputable sources, presenting the
important information while eliminating unnecessary detail, etc)
2.) The adherence of the partnership to the project details (at least twelve
slides, work cited slide included at the end of the presentation, a minimum
of four informational sources, ready to present on the due date, etc.)
3.) The design and presentation of your PowerPoint
4.) Your work cited slide (correct MLA format is expected!) You are also
expected to identify any direct quotes in your
presentation with quotation marks and parenthetical
5.) Your behavior in the library/Computer lab on research
6.) Your notes (and a possible quiz) over the presentations
you saw
This project is due on Monday, February 29,
for a test grade
* Projects will be assigned on a “first come/first serve” basis starting on Monday, Feb 22
at 7:45am. Only one group per class can sign up for any given topic.
*Words of wisdom: Don’t fill up your slides with total text. This is not fun to
look at. Use bullets or tell us about the information instead of reading off of
your slides. Note cards are allowed during presentations.
Topic Options for Research
1. Great Depression- causes and the beginning
2. Great Depression- recovery (WPA, TVA, The New Deal, etc.)
3. The Dust Bowl
4. Migrant workers
5. Tent cities (aka “Hoovervilles”)/ riding the railroads-teens and adults
6. Harlem Renaissance (with a focus on Langston Hughes)
7. Radio / Movies / Photography (focusing on Dorothea Lange) / Music /
Literature of the 1920s
8. Lindbergh baby kidnapping
9. Roaring Twenties/ Jazz age
10. Women’s suffrage
11. Teapot Dome Scandal- early 20s government corruption
12. Scopes Trial (1925- lawsuit involving teaching of the theory of evolution)
13. Prohibition / Bootleggers / Speakeasies
14. Herbert Hoover
15. Gangs/ Al Capone/ American gangsters
16. Bonnie and Clyde
17. Jim Crow / Racism during the 1920’s
18. Treatment of the mentally disabled from 1900 to today