Ancient Egypt Oral Presentation Rubric

Ancient Egypt Project and Oral Presentation Rubric
(75 points)
Name: ______________________
_____ Content – 25 points possible
The student included explained new facts and research about the topic
and presented this information to the class in an easily understandable manner.
_____ Organization – 10 points
The student organized the material well. The presentation included an
introduction, supporting details, and a conclusion. The conclusion emphasized
the impact of the topic on history.
_____ Materials – 25 points
The student has created materials, or the visual aspect of the
presentation, that support the topic of the presentation. The project showed
that the student has spent time and effort on this project. The student's project
was creative, neat, and presentable. During the presentation, the student made
reference to the visual aid(s).
_____ Style – 10 points
The student presented the material in an energetic and interesting
manner. The student spoke loudly, slowly, and clearly. The student made
excellent eye contact with the audience and engaged them.
_____ Works Cited Page – 10 points
The student created a works cited page correctly formatted according to
MLA format. It includes all of the sources the student used for the project. The
sources must match those listed on the works cited organizer.
_____ Total (75 points possible)