Things Fall Apart Research Project

Things Fall Apart Research Project
As a group, you will research the culture of the Igbo
 Your group will present the most interesting findings of
your research in a Powerpoint presentation of at least 8
 Presentations should be made from one zip disc or CD
 The presentations must be 3-5 minutes and will occur
on October 13 and 14 of next week (Wed/Thurs).
Dividing the Work
 Every group member will:
present their 2 slides
turn in their research notes on two topics of their
– Notes must be in Cornell form.
– You must create one page of written notes for each area
of research that you do
– Your notes must have at least 2 research questions per
page, 1 full page of notes, and a summary.
Topics you may want to consider:
 Religion
 Women’s Roles
 Art and Music
 Storytelling
 Architecture
 Social Structure
Inter-tribal Warfare
 Recreation
 Ceremonies
 Communication
Works Cited Page
 Your group will create a works cited page as a
 Remember to write down all of the URL’s or titles
of books as you complete your research.
 Use the link on my webpage for assistance in
creating a multi-entry works cited page